After Effects Template - Deep Eyes | 7 in 1 logo pack- WebTv

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© OrpheusFX
Some words about the project:
A true journey was developing that project to live. But here it is. The iris was replaced with a hi-end texture and was 95% from the original eye. But all of the natural movement are 100% taken from the real movement. The greatest achievement that makes me really proud is the reflection. That’s the FIRST template in Videohive where you can take a full advantage of the reflection in the eyes. And as you see in the video preview you have so many more controls. So hope you’ll like it and thank you for visiting that page.
- 7 versions – clean, ink, smoke, photography, cinema, hi-tech, zoom
- controls for: eye color(borders and center), pupil color, reflection controls (7 textures, 4 zones, blur, colors), skin colors,
- ‘Deep Eyes’ works with AE CS5,CS 5.5, CS6, CC and CC 2014
- Assets are in Quicktime H.264 format and textures in png file format
- NO PLUGINS NEEDED (Just some of CC fxs that comes originally with AE
- Resolution – FHD 1920×1080 23.976 fps,
- duration – 10 seconds
- works with all language AE versions (expression universalizer is used)
- PDF documentation
- rendering time – 12 mins or less(25 mins for hi-tech version) (on I7 core quad)
- videotutorial – 21 min – (English version)