After Effects Template - Content Marketing Explainer- WebTv

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© Aeyaz
Perfect For:
- Content Marketing Company Promotion
- Marketing Website / Company / Service Promotion
- Online Marketing
- Social Media Marketing Intro
- Internet Marketing company video
- Typo opener
- Animated text opener
- Software company video
- Shape Animation Opener
- Vector Animation Opener
- 2D Text animation opener
- Separate color controller for all the scenes
- 19 Separate Scenes which you can use in your project
- Separate color controller for all the scenes
- No Plugins required
- 1080p, 720p and 1024×576 render versions
- 1 Min 50 Sec Long
- Super Fast Render
- Contains 18 mins long Video Tutorial targeted for basic users of AE showing how to edit, change size, reposition the text according to your script and change color of the contact details page
- CS4 and above